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What is POP TikR?

POP TikR connects Canadians with businesses in order to support and strengthen the local community. Local businesses have been severely impacted by the pandemic and our goal is to provide a platform that spotlights these hardworking Canadian companies and allows Canadians to shop local and save money with our exclusive POP deals.

Our app allows you to be a tourist within your own city, with POP TikR you can discover thousands of new businesses to explore. To provide the most user-friendly experience, our app is categorized within five industries: food & dining, retail, attractions, recreations, and travels & stays. 


Download the app today to get started with POP TikR!

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Why the #MyLocal 2022 campaign?

While the pandemic has impacted everyone, it has been especially difficult for local businesses. That’s why we are launching the #MyLocal campaign; to showcase local businesses from all across Canada through our interactive digital magazine (coming soon), our app and our marketing campaign. 


Are you a local business owner? Join thousands of local businesses across Canada and sign up for FREE. 


If you are looking to support local businesses and save money with our exclusive POP deals; download the app for FREE in the App Store or Google Play.


Take Part in the #MyLocal 2022. Download the app!

Local businesses

Take Part in the #MyLocal 2022. Sign up for FREE!

  • Enter to WIN prizes (follow us on our social media account to learn more)

  • Gain access to the biggest digital  POP-UP party

  • Use our in-app map feature to discover more nearby local shops and attractions

  • Contribute to the local economy by supporting hardworking Canadian business owners

  • Support e-commerce businesses from across Canada from the comfort of your own home

  • Maximize your reach and boost your revenue

  • Gain free advertising for your retail main street AND/OR online shop

  • Provide special deals to gain more traction on the app

  • Attract new customers from across Canada

  • Join the biggest digital POP-UP party- all in support of local businesses economic recovery!

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